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Our Magic Has A Formula

Understanding & Creativity Is How We Roll

We don’t believe in throwing around tech terms to confuse you into thinking we must be the best at what we do. We genuinely feel for our clients in business who don’t understand the online marketing world or even just general marketing, content and design for that matter. And we try to be as easy to understand as we possibly can.

Let’s drive your business together and flourish with a great website that is going to be a cracker from the ‘Get Go’. Partner with us because we are honest, web savvy, content crazy and we provide great service, plus we are genuinely keen for your new customer acquisition success storys to make us look GREAT.

01. Research

Is all part of the process. We need to understand a lot about you and your business. So we’ll be asking you a tonne of questions. Also we’ll be using various tools to access your online competition, keyword traffic your content needs to focus on. There needs to be combined strategies to speak and attract your target market.

02. Design

If you are a start up and haven’t created any logos or branding, we can do it for you. Now in the case you do have all your branding complete, rest assured we will design you a website that will target your audience effectively. The structure and design of the whole website project will be worked in unison with the content development. We have a synergistic approach to UX design.

03. Development

Guess what? You won’t meet or speak with your developer. They’re busy being amazing at what they do. We will give you a project manager, who can speak your language and developer language. This keeps the web project on task and everyone happy, most importantly YOU. Our project manager is extremely experienced at putting your whole web project into a manner that WILL achieve your goals.